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The White Cane Project

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Empowering Coloradans who are blind or Low Vision.

AINC believes that every Coloradan who is blind or has low-vision should have the tools needed to live independent lives. That’s why we are providing free canes to those that qualify.

Special Thanks to the Colorado Lions

Big shout out to the Lions for their support of the White Cane Project. Your generosity makes a difference!

Request a Free White Cane

Where can I learn how to use a cane?

How to measure your cane size

Cane size typically depends on your height and how fast you are. If you tend to walk fast, measure from the ground to your nose. If you tend to walk slow, measure from the ground to your sternum. If you are in between, measure from the ground to your chin.

A white cane is basically like your eyes.

-Evan Starnes

Evan standing outside with a white cane and graphic T shirt


  • You are blind or has low vision, or requesting this cane on behalf of someone who is blind or has low vision.
  • You live in Colorado.
  • You haven’t requested a cane from AINC in at least 1 year.

About AINC

The Audio Information Network of Colorado (AINC) aims connect individuals who are blind or have low vision with audio information and essential tools and services needed to live independent lives.

Gift a cane

We are also accepting donations to help us fund this project!

  • $75 provides a cane for one person.
  • To donate a used cane, drop them off at 1700 55th St. Suite A, Boulder, CO, during our business hours (M-F 9-5)


How many white canes are needed?

It is impossible to know since this project has never been done before. Last year Penn Street personally distributed 12 canes from her personal funds. The National Federation of the Blind states in 2016 Colorado had 107,700 residents living with blindness.

Will all the money donated be used to purchase white canes?

The majority of the money will purchase white canes. However, if a blind person needs a talking watch, braille labeler, or other devices that cost less than $100.00 they will be considered.