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Recording from home

Overview: Record➩Save➩Upload

Studios are temporarily closed in light of COVID-19.

ALL VOLUNTEERS will use this portal to submit files until further notice.

We understand that there will be a learning curve, and we DO NOT expect perfection during this time. We appreciate your willingness to try this out to the best of your abilities. If you need to adjust your volunteer commitments at this time, just let us know.

Helpful videos

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I record from a mobile device?

We would not recommend this option unless you are tech savvy. During this initial transition, we highly recommend a PC for now because there is no easy way to do it from a mobile device at this time.

If you choose to go mobile at this time, you must troubleshoot issues on your own for the most part. Be aware many mobile recording apps record in MP4 or M4A, so you must convert to MP3 before submitting to portal. You must navigate to through your browser on your mobile device, log in, and upload your file.

What recording software can I use?

You can use any recording software you prefer as long as you submit it in .mp3 format. If you choose to add music, please ensure you are using open-source or royalty free jams.

  1.– Pros: Most simple, record in your browser. Cons: Low audio quality, no editing available, some people report glitches. Click here to see a video overview.
  2.– Pros: Similar to editing in booth, record in Windows or Mac browser, good controls, sound check. Cons: Quality not as high, dependent on internet connection, must make frequent saves, can be glitchy. Click here to see a video overview.
  3. Apple Voice Memo- Pros: Easy to use, comes standard on Macs, iphones and ipads, easy editing. Cons: Audio quality not as good without decent mic, not available on Android. Click here to see a video overview.
  4. Garage Band- Pros: Comes standard on Macs, iphones and ipads, more editing controls, more features. Cons: not available on Windows/Android, multiple tracks, larger learning curve. Click here to start with Garage Band.
  5. Audacity– Pros: Free professional-level software, exceptional editing controls, great sound quality.  Cons: much larger learning curve, not practical for short-term recorders. Click here to see a video to begin using Audacity.
  6. Podcast Studio (Apple)/ Spreaker Studio (Android/Windows)- Pros: specifically made for podcasting, robust editing tools, desktop and app versions. Cons: Larger learning curve. Click here for an introductory video.

When you are done recording, do not forget to rename and submit to the Volunteer Portal!

Where do I find my content to read?

All of our newspapers and magazines have a e-edition (online version). Typically, AINC has an account with your publication and you must contact Kat for the log-in information. These are 3RD PARTY COMPANIES – we have no control over their ads, pop-ups, or other problems with their website.

What microphone should I use?

You don’t need a fancy microphone unless you are setting up a permanent studio. A gaming mic or simple USB microphone will be adequate. Here are some microphones we have worked with or have been suggested. You can find these at your local Best Buy or on Amazon.

Must I read the full intro and outro script for each program?

Yes, please read the script as written. The intro at the beginning, and the outro at the end. We will always have the most up-to-date on available on the Volunteer Portal.

How do I record and read from the same screen?

The is likely to stop recording if you switch between tabs mid-record. Unfortunately, you may need 2 screens. If you are tech savvy, you can do split screen on your PC, record from one and read from the other at the same time.  Or, use your mobile device to read from and your computer to record on.

If you are using another recording software, you can usually have it recording behind the scenes as you navigate your articles online.  Be sure to test this before recording a long file.


Can I stack, or submit multiple episodes, at once?

If, for example, you are going out of town next week so you wish to submit 2 weeks worth of your program, you must name your files accordingly. The one you wish to play next will be your normal naming convention – that is, with no numbers.

The one you wish to play soonest will be went.mp3

The one you wish to play next week you will need to name went2.mp3

The one you wish to play the week after next week you will need to name went3.mp3

It is important to only include numbers if you are stacking programs. If you frequently stack and you are not sure what we have in the queue, reach out to Alex ( and we will tell you how many you have left and what number you should put at the end of your file name. Just remember that the system will shift all numbers down around midnight of your “first air” day, and will always grab the lowest number first.

My file disappeared from the Volunteer Portal!

Right now, the portal is just acting as a collective place for everyone to submit their files to streamline the huge increase of remote readers due to COVID-19. What appears in the portal is not representative of what is airing. AINC staff will grab your file from this folder when needed, so if you do not see it, it is likely being processed or is currently in the air queue. If you are concerned that your file did not port into the portal correctly, contact Alex at and she can confirm that we received your file.

I submitted my file late. What do I do?

If you submit or anticipate you will submit your file after the “first air” day and time, it is critical you contact Not doing so can confuse the system and your weekly cycle could be off, meaning, the system wont automatically air it until another 7 day cycle passes.

My program is airing last week's episode!

All of AINC’s publishing platforms  (podcast, broadcast, stream, and telephone access) run on very specific weekly schedules. Each program has a “first air” day and then will repeat the same episode for a 7 day cycle. When you submit your program does not affect when it is published as long as it is before the “first air” day and time. Contact to inquire about what this time is for your program. If you are still concerned that it is publishing the wrong episode, please contact


When I enter the password, nothing happens.

For security reasons, there are 2 levels of login to access out file server. The first one asks only for a password and no username, and if you enter the wrong password on the first level (for example, your personal password to get into the second tier of the portal), and hit enter, nothing will happen. This simply means you are entering the wrong password.

The password was sent to you in an email along with your personalized password. Please refer to the email, or contact for this password.

When I log into the Reader Portal, it says "Invalid Username"

Please double check the email sent from AINC to ensure you are entering your correct username. If you do this and it still doesn’t work, contact

When I log into the Reader Portal, it says "Invalid password"

Please double check the email sent from AINC to ensure you are entering your correct password. If you do this and it still doesn’t work, contact

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