Volunteering at AINC

Reading for the blind, visually impaired, and print disabled residents of Colorado.

AINC relies on our dedicated team of volunteers to read and record print materials for publication on broadcast, podcast, and other listening platforms. For those who are blind, losing vision, or can’t read for a different reason, audio programming is a vital component of staying informed, connected, and engaged.

Hosting a Program from Home

We will provide the training and content. Volunteer readers are trained to be the best they can be in delivering spoken content and working independently from home.  Volunteer readers record and submit their episodes using Audacity and our online Volunteer Portal.  Most volunteer start with one weekly program, and each recording session typically lasts 1-2 hours. 



In order to keep our programming high quality and professional, and to prevent volunteer frustration, all prospective volunteers must meet the following qualifications to be considered for a program.

  • Complete the application and pass the reading audition
  • Enjoy reading local area newspapers/magazines
  • Be confident in internet navigation
  • Have adequate internet and a computer that can handle Audacity
  • Be confident navigating files within your computer
    • How to save, retrieve, and open .mp3 files
  • Be able to work and troubleshoot independently with minimal support from staff
  • Be able to commit to at least 24 months of volunteering
  • Be able to commit to submitting files in on time weekly
  • Be detail oriented, and can follow instructions well
  • Follow AINC reader protocol
    • Technical protocols include (but are not limited to)
      • Saving files at a bitrate of 192 kbps
      • Saving files as .mp3 format
      • Naming files as directed

Volunteer FAQ’s

How often am I expected to read?

Most volunteers start with one weekly program. (Roughly 1-2 hours per week)

What can I expect in the audition?

The Director of Volunteer Services will have you read, record, and submit material they have prepared for you. You will be expected to follow their directions carefully in order to submit your audio audition over the internet. The volunteer coordinator will review the audition and get back to you when a program opening is available.

How do you choose what program I will read?

Program assignments take into account a volunteer’s regular availability, and programming needs.

Where will my show be heard?

Our content can be heard on many platforms, including over-the-air broadcast, online podcasts and streams, on Amazon Echo’s, on a call-in service, and (in some cases), on other audio reading services around the country!

What if I have technical issues when I record remotely?

AINC staff are here to support you. As a remote reader, you can call us during our business hours.  Just call 303-786-7777.

More questions? Call us!


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