Volunteer with us!

We rely on a team of reliable and committed volunteers.

Currently, we are looking for volunteers to read and record publications remotely.

What you should know before applying.

Materials you need:

  • Decent <5 year old computer with latest software updates, adequate RAM and memory.
  • USB or studio microphone.
  • Decent internet with a minimal upload speed of 10mbps (Click here to test your internet)
  • A quiet space to record.

Expectations of Volunteers:

  • Abide by our audio requirements
  • Keep up-to-date contact information with AINC staff.
  • Submit your hours with every volunteer session.
  • Meet your deadlines (Mountain Time Zone)
  • Name your audio file as instructed.
  • Notify AINC staff of any absences in a timely manner.
  • Check volunteer announcements regularly on the volunteer portal.
  • Function independently.
  • Upload the appropriate file into the appropriate folder in your portal account.
  • Do not share your volunteer portal username or password, and never log into someone else’s account.
  • Never delete or change a folder in the portal.
  • Be open to feedback – we just want you to be the best you can be for our listeners. We will contact you if we find any chances for improvement in your work.
  • Experience in voice work a plus!

Our listeners deserve timely news, just the same as you.

We want you to have a happy and successful volunteer experience. Your willingness to comply with our expectations ensures that your experience (and ours) will be a gratifying one! We will do our best to train you and work with you to be the best volunteer that you can be. However, chronic failure to meet the above expectations could result in a parting of ways.

Volunteer Application

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Please ensure accuracy so we can contact you.
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Are you willing to read Grocery Ads
Grocery ads are our most difficult but most popular program. They require a weekly commitment to record roughly 1 hour of grocery store coupons and ads.
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