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Currently, we are looking for volunteers to read and record publications remotely.

Are you interested in volunteering for us?

We fulfill our mission through reliance on valuable and committed volunteers. You help us be successful and we want you to have a gratifying volunteer experience. Our expectation of our volunteers is high because our listeners deserve timely news and information… just the same as you.

Here are a few things you should know before applying. Volunteers must:

  • Pass the audition for the position of reader
  • Own or have access to recording technology (smart phones, computer, internet, microphone)
  • Be comfortable and confident navigating the internet, uploading/downloading files and addressing personal computer issues independently.
  • Comply with the required audio settings and produce high-quality audio recordings.
  • Meet audio submission deadlines on Mountain time zone (MT) reliably and regardless of location. If you cannot meet a deadline, you must let us know in the following ways:
    • Planned absence: You must notify AINC of any planned absences using an online form a minimum of 4 days before the absence. In the case of an unplanned emergency absence, you must fill out the absence form as soon as possible.
    • If your availability schedule changes or you are expecting changes, let us know as soon as you do.
  • Follow directions dependably and precisely
  • Maintain updated contact information with us
  • Track and report volunteer hours
  • Read and record the printed material without summary, commentary or use of denigrating language.
  • Follow AINC safety protocols


★Experience as a voice actor or in voice over work a plus!★

We want you to have a happy and successful volunteer experience. Your willingness to comply with the expectations set forth above provides greater assurance that your  experience (and ours) will be a gratifying one! We will do our best to train you and work with you to be the best volunteer that you can be. However, chronic failure to meet the above expectations could result in a parting of ways.

Volunteer Application

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