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Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Service provides bandwidth and transmitters to ensure that AINC’s signal spans the entire state of Colorado for free over the air listening.

AINC is supported by a small monthly charge on telephone users throughout Colorado.   Yearly appropriations pass through the State Library Fund and are then allocated to non-profit groups serving people who are blind or hearing impaired. 

Funding is also provided through grants from foundations, trusts and jurisdictions, as well as donations from corporations, service clubs and individuals who want to support those who cannot read print.

Thanks to our Supporters …

State of Colorado

Broomfield City & County





Commerce City





Wheat Ridge

RMPBS Stations that air AINC include:

KRMA-TV Channel 6 (Denver)

KTSC-TV Channel 8 (Colorado Springs/Pueblo)

KRMJ-TV Channel 18 (Grand Junction)

KRMU-TV Channel 29 (Durango)

Area Agencies on Aging (AAA)

Boulder County

Denver Regional Council of Governments

Service Clubs

Lafayette Lions Club

Loveland Lions Club

Businesses and Corporations

Every subscription publication (e.g., newspapers and magazines) read by AINC donates the subscription.

Capital One

IBM & IBM Matching Gift Program

KCO, Inc.

Pinnacol Assurance



Foundations and Trusts

Anna Keesling Ackerman Fund

AEC Trust

Anschutz Family Foundation

Anschutz Foundation

Boulder County Aging Services Foundation

Brighton Legacy Foundation

Broomfield Community Foundation

Ceres Foundation

Collins Foundation

Boulder Community Foundation

DAV Charitable Service Trust

Denver Foundation

Edmund T. & Eleanor Quick Foundation

Erikson Fund of the  Pikes Peak Community Foundation

First Tech Federal Credit Union

Gannett Foundation/Fort Collins Coloradoan

Giving First Foundation

Henry W. Bull Foundation

Virginia W. Hill Foundation

Hynd Trust for the Blind

Joint Coalition Assistance Fund

Longmont Community Foundation

Luther T. McCauley Charitable Trust

9News/Tegna Foundation

William B. O’Rourke Foundation

Pikes Peak Community Foundation – Erickson Fund

Schlessman Family Foundation

Susan N. Bernstein Fund

Westminster Legacy Foundation

Wientzen Family Charitable Fund


Melinda Powers

Patricia Scholes

Gregory Stewart

Monica Martens

John Flynn

Stuart and Nora Ami

Janet Wilkenbauer

Evelyn Logan

Sandra Jo Fitzgerald

Patricia Arnott

Carl and Sharon Babb

Jim Bartley

James Bartley

Linda Behlen

Julia Beems

Susan Bernstein

Andrea Blanchard

Joscelyn Blumenthal

Eric Boakye

Phillip and Kat Bradbury

Chuck Buell

Jane Bunin

Christianne Cree

David  & Karen Dawson

Don Deane

Don Smith

Beverly Dobner

Elizabeth Duff

Megan Dunklee

Amie Durden

Houston Elam

Troy Evans

Ellen Flannely

Robert Gauen

Ben & Alice George

Mary Ginnane

Harry & Daniel Goldstein & Bonnie Katzive

Michael Grabler

Sarah Hilty

Mary Hogan

Karen Lee

Kellie Martindale

Kevin and Karen Martindale

Courtney Mathews

Jenna Mathews

Thomas Mathews

Steven C Mathews

Diana Mattis

Joseph Mattis

Joe Mazzara

Donna McCraith

Pam & Joe McDonald

David Medrud

Richard Meyers

Mike & Pam Michener

John Middleton

Waltressa Molsberry

Grant Moore

Andre Nazareth

Gladys Nelson

Nancy Nielsen

Shirl Niemeyer

Andrew Niemeyer

Helen Moran

Diane Pazour

Jean Pazour

Judith Petrillo

Connie Pierson

Jerry Podgorski

Ray Polglaze

Kati Pressman

David Ribble

Gina Rivera

Sarah Rothwell

Ellen Sandburg

Rev. Lolita Santiago

John Schoenwalter

Richard Selim

Peggy Snyder

Elisa Speranza

Michael Stanwood

Sandro and Carmen Ramirez

Paul Kluck

Hal Landem

Kerry Lightenburger

Kathleen Love

Gary Waggoner & Wanda Cox

Corrie Wardlow

Kim Ann and Doug Wardlow

John Weissman

Susan Wientzen

Lynne Rienner

Roselyn M Mesplay

Rima Lurie

Richard and Jaylene Howard

Jenna Mathews

Jirapum Wansai

Carol S Warner

Jerome Podgorski

Tricia Fitzpatrick

Janet Winkelbauer

Alisa Burrous

Caroline and Preston Douglas

Kathleen Sandler

Michael Fierberg

Mike Schwartz

Leslie Madsen

Alexandra Flynn

Bennet George

Mark Mais

Julia Miller

Marcelle Arak

Jacqueline Edwards

Carol Zelzer

William McCann

Miranda Downey

Consuelo F Pierson

Allan Chow

Lee Overcamp

Barbara Leaf

Gabriella Schuler

Payton Atkins

Martha Swaggart

Julia Thomas-Glennon

Jonathan Turkle

Paula Vaughan

William Hohs

Jaylene Howard

Dee Hyslop

Debra  Kennedy

Matthew and Rebecca Kissane

Thank you.

And thanks to our many contributors who wished to remain anonymous!

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