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Be a guest on an AINC original podcast.

Are you interested in being interviewed on one of our original shows? Or, would you like to recommend a guest? Please use this page to contact us.

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We would love to hear from you.

By submitting this form, you authorize Audio Information Network of Colorado (Also known as AINC) to contact you through email, phone, or other means stated below. In being a guest on Aftersight, Blindsight, or Topic of The Month, you also give authorization to AINC to use any and all recordings at their discretion. AINC will, however, contact you in the event any information shared during the vetting or recording process is deemed inappropriate or NOT in the best interest of you, our guest.

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Will you edit my mistakes?

While mistakes are often a part of the recording process we do our best to eliminate them. Sometimes the mistakes are what makes a show enjoyable and funny and make it more relatable. In general yes we edit out large blunders and gaffes.

Will I know the questions ahead of time?

Most of the time no. There are a few standard questions that we will talk about but we want this to be as free as possible, even though this is a structured show. We will give you prompts in the questions, and because nothing is broadcast live, we have liberties with recording different questions if you are not comfortable answering that particular question.

Where will my episode be aired?

We try to have your episode air the week after your recording date. Sometime things happen and your episode will get pushed out a week. But never fear, your episode will air. As for where it will air that’s very easy. EVERYWHERE! Anywhere podcasts are consumed is where you’ll find your show. We will send you a link to your episode from either Apple Podcasts or Spotify, so that you can share it with all your friends and family. We want the world to hear about your amazing journey.

Who will own rights to the episode I'm interviewed on?

Audio Information Network of Colorado will hold all rights to the recorded, produced and distributed audio.

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