Open Shows (Beta)*

This list below contains all the shows we currently need filled for active AINC volunteers who are interested in:

  • Taking on an additional show.
  • Changing their long-term assignment.
  • Filling in as a temporary substitute.

If any of these shows interest you, inquire with While we update this spreadsheet daily, it may not be up-to-date in real time. You must get confirmation and program information from AIN Staff before recording any show outside of your regular assignment.

*Beta: This is a new automated feature to help AINC connect in-need shows with willing volunteers. Because this is a new and complex automated system, we are considering this a beta project so we can work out kinks we find along the way before launching it in full. If you have suggestions about this page and the open show listing, please reach out to

*Air Time: When the episode is set to air on broadcast. Files are due no later than 30 minutes BEFORE this airtime. For example, a show with a 2pm airtime is due at 1:30 pm sharp.

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