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Looking for audio books?

Contact the

Colorado Talking Book Library 

Call them: 303-727-9277

If you are seeking

  • Other audio books
  • Audio National Newspapers
  • Text to Voice apps and software

Check out our list of low vision resources HERE.


Llamanos y habla con un hablente en español.

(303) 786-7777 ex. 100

Buddy Up

The new Buddy Project allows AINC Listeners to work directly with AINC Volunteers. These volunteers make regular phone calls with you to check in on how you’re doing, make sure your equipment is up to date, and find out how well our audio services are meeting your needs.  This is a wonderful opportunity to help us learn how to serve you better.


We assign a Volunteer Buddy especially for you as soon as we can. There may be a waiting list, so sign up today!

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