My digital receiver is not working correctly, what should I do?

You may attempt to unplug and re-plug the receiver, wait for it to restart, and try again. If this does not work, Please call the AINC offices at 303-786-7777 or 887-443-2001 so we may assist you in determining the cause of the problem and how it may be resolved.

I have forgotten my access codes for Information-On-Demand or Podcasting. Can you look them up for me?

Yes, email Matt at matt@aincolorado.org or call 303 786 7777 and we can give you your access codes.

Do you require a doctor’s signature to obtain services?

No, we do not require a doctor’s signature or referral.

Are AINC audio information services available to me no matter where I live in Colorado?

Yes, at least one of our audio services will be provided to you wherever you live in the State.

I can still read large print. Am I eligible for AINC services?

Yes, you may use AINC audio services to access newspapers, magazines, and ads even if you use large print or magnification for other types of print materials.

I can see print but am not able to process it. Do I qualify for your service?

Yes, you do qualify.

I can see print but am not able to hold a newspaper or turn pages. Do I qualify for your service?

Yes, you do qualify.

How are you able to offer this as a free service?

Grants from numerous foundations, trusts, and jurisdictions provide a portion of the support needed to fund the service. We also have corporate, service club, and individual donors. Donations are always welcome though not required to use AINC services.

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