Weekly interview show about vision loss, with Penn Street.




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Aftersight Ep. 32: Flodin

Aftersight Ep. 31: Aging

Aftersight Ep. 30: Blind Warrior Sven

Ep. 29: Sara Chung - Judo Paraolympian

Ep. 28: Ellie White - Live to the Fullest

Ep. 27: Tracy Anderson Julie Melton - Do what you feel

Ep. 26: Chris Monnette - Seeing Clearly

Ep. 25: Daniel Varela: Don’t let the World Eat You, Eat the World!

Ep. 24: Penn’s Story, Her Life After Sight

Ep. 23: Michelle Smith, Focus on yourself, love yourself

Ep. 22: Penn and Evan Go Skiing!

Ep. 21: Melissa Simpson - From my Window

Ep. 20: Tricia Cavallaro - Educator, Adventurist, Pioneer

Ep. 19: Christine Holmberg - Executive Director of Foresight Ski Guides

Ep. 18: Trevor Hahn, Art through Touch

Ep. 17: Peggy Chong - the Blind History Lady

Ep. 16: Nick Isenberg, The Tactile Traveller

Ep 15: Don Opeka Author of Why a Reverse Mortgage?

Ep. 14: Jaden, Student at the Colorado Center for the Deaf and Blind

Ep. 13: Olive, Granddaughter

Ep. 12: Bill Johnson, An Author with Stunning Resilience

Jose Gutierrez

Bill Lundgren

Aftersight Ep. 9: Beth Gustin, Therapist, on Managing Grief and Trauma

Lorna Greene recites Mr. Mortensen's Very Long Day (Hanukkah Special)

Alice George and AINC's History (30 Year Anniversary Special)

Gail Hamilton: Author, Singer, Speaker, Financial Advisor, Lion, and Visually Disabled

Aftersight Ep. 5 Esubalew “Ethan” Johnston, Passionate Soul

Ep. 4 Bonnie Barlow, Audio Describer

Ep. 3: Dale Hill, President of the CCBIB

Ep. 2: Robert Weinberg

Ep. 1: Moses and Penn, a Life Together

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