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Helping listeners get access to the internet providing free Amazon Echos. 

Already have an Alexa?

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of older adults do not use the internet. 

Due to cost, no availability, or difficulty in navigating the setup process.

AINC Connects listeners to the internet.

  • Assistance in identifying affordable internet options
  • By paying for the initial internet set-up fee
  • Assistance in navigating the paperwork process
  • By providing voice-activated Echos
    • Including training and AINC programming

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If you are already registered, call (303)-786-7777 Ext. 108. If not, please fill out the interest form.

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A donation of $60 will cover the one-time internet set-up fee for a listener.

Since adding the Amazon Echo to our free equipment options, our listeners say they love the ability to make hands-free calls and search the internet with simple voice commands. And finding just the right AINC news, gardening tips or history podcast anytime day or night is easier than ever with the Echo.

Why does it matter?

81% of AINC listeners say that AINC services helps them to be self-sufficient

75% say AINC helps them to be connected to the community.

Helps them to be self sufficient. 81%
Be connected to the community. 75%

Every day, your support makes this possible.

Help us continue our mission to reach even more people that need this vital resource.

We simply can’t do it without you. Your support will make a real, lasting impact in the lives of your blind, visually impaired and print disabled neighbors.

Help to bridge the digital divide through audio information.

A donation of $60 will cover the one-time internet set-up fee for a listener.

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