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Listeners Amy, Robert, and Jamie


Denver-based Amy Lee, her brother Robert, and his wife Jamie lead a Facebook group called "You Don't Look Blind," focusing on low-vision support and training. They use and promote AINC services, having lived with retinitis pigmentosa since childhood. They also built a practical resource guide for daily living, including AINC services. AINC's goals align closely with theirs. Donations for Colorado Gives Day support such valuable community resources. Take action to help us reach our $15K goal.

By Matt Kissane

Denver natives Amy Lee, her brother, Robert, and his wife, Jamie, moderate the Facebook support group You Don’t Look Blind (YDLB), which hosts two monthly meetings, one online and one in person in Denver. The group name is characteristic of the Lees’ playful approach to low-vision training. The Lees, and several members of the YDLB group, use and promote AINC services.

Amy and Rob have been living with retinitis pigmentosa since childhood. As teenagers, they experienced the discoveries and difficulties of deteriorating eyesight. After Amy and Rob lost a lot of sight as adults, they honed the strategies that would lead to a mature philosophy and approach to acquiring the necessary skills.

They became involved with the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB), an organization that raises money and advocates for RP research. It offered other services, such as a support group, which the Lee siblings successfully moderated. When the FFB turned to solely focus on research and fundraising, they handed the support group over to Amy and Rob, who used a “day-to-day living” approach in their instruction.

They became known for taking people new to white canes for instructional walks around neighborhood parks. Based on the understanding that “you don’t know what you don’t know,” they built a large spreadsheet of resources, including AINC.

Our mission at AINC is closely aligned with folks like Amy Lee, Robert, and Jamie. They’ve been not only using AINC services but also promoting them within their community. Amy and Rob’s lived experiences with retinitis pigmentosa shape their invaluable “day-to-day living” approach to support. Just like them, we aim to provide practical resources and support to those navigating life with blindness or vision loss.

The race is on to meet our $15K goal for Colorado Gives Day (Dec 5th). Your donations ensure that more listeners like Amy, Robert, Jamie, and their community get the essential services they need. Help us make more positive changes and reach our goal.

Every dollar brings us closer to making a bigger impact. Take action now by donating here. 

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