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Celebrating AINC’s Award-Winning Volunteers

The Audio Information Network of Colorado (AINC) proudly congratulates two of its exceptional volunteers on winning the prestigious 2023 Jefferson County Senior Hero award. This esteemed recognition, hosted by the Seniors’ Resource Center and the Jefferson County Council on Aging, acknowledges the remarkable and ongoing contributions made by senior volunteers throughout the county. Join us in celebrating their outstanding dedication and impact on Jefferson County and beyond.

Chris Michalik

Chris Michalik, a devoted AINC volunteer for an impressive 23 years, has left a lasting mark on the organization. From the days of live broadcasts to the current era of remote program recording, Chris has been a dedicated volunteer, sharing his expertise and passion. In 2022 alone, his programs (American Heritage and Catholic News) garnered a remarkable 2K downloads, highlighting his significant influence. Notably, Chris also served in the US Air Force, embodying a spirit of service and dedication throughout his life.

Waldemar Perez

For 9 years, Waldemar Perez has volunteered with AINC, leaving a lasting impact through his program, Oración Semanal. Waldemar curates compelling content, enriching the lives of listeners and fostering a sense of community. With his dedication and vibrant on-air presence, including occasional singing during his show, Waldemar’s program garnered over 1500 downloads in 2022. Similar to Chris, Waldemar has also served in the US Air Force, exemplifying a commitment to making a difference.

Both Chris and Waldemar were publicly honored in May for their extraordinary contributions to Jefferson County and its residents. Their unwavering dedication and passion have touched countless lives of those who are blind or have Low Vision, making a lasting impact on the community. AINC is immensely proud to have these exceptional individuals as part of its volunteer network.

AINC extends its heartfelt appreciation to all its dedicated volunteers who play a vital role in the organization’s mission to provide news and information in audio format for the blind and Low Vision community of Colorado.

If you are interested in joining our passionate community and making a difference in the lives of others, we welcome you to become a part of AINC’s volunteer network.

AINC congratulates Chris Michalik and Waldemar Perez on their well-deserved recognition as Jefferson County Senior Heroes. Their commitment to service, both within AINC and in their military careers, is truly inspiring. We celebrate their remarkable achievements and look forward to their continued contributions, as well as the collective impact of all AINC volunteers. Together, we make a difference in the lives of individuals across Jefferson County and beyond.

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