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Executive Director’s Corner: New Name

By Kim Ann Wardlow

Headshot of Kim, smiling.

Spring has begun, and it is a busy time at AINC.

We collaborated with Mile High United Way for an Earth Day volunteer event.

concert in the dark, May 4th, photo of woman in sunglasses smiling

May began with our inaugural Concert in the Dark fundraising event.

There will be numerous resource fairs over the next few months where AINC will have a table.

Perhaps our most significant undertaking this spring will be to choose a new name for our organization. Why? There’s a few reasons, but primarily the word “audio” in our name causes people to associate us with hearing loss rather than vision loss. We see this at resource fairs when people approach our table to for ask about help with hearing loss. We are happy to refer them to an appropriate organization, but we wonder how many people we are missing. Also, our name is long and cumbersome, and this can make it difficult to use a smart speaker to play one of our Audio Editions or Original Programs. We recently began working with a consultant to generate possible names. We will be reaching out for feedback once we have a short list. A new name will mean a new logo. In addition to a traditional visual logo we will also have a sonic logo developed by our very own Jonathan Price. I look forward to updating you on our progress over the next couple of months.

More News from AINC

Blind Level Tech (BLT)

Our newest AINC original podcast is FINALLY HERE! This new conversational style show is dedicated to the use of technology for those who are blind and have visual impairments. Jonathan Price and Evan Starnes will walk you through the latest and greatest tech from Apple to Microsoft and TVs to kitchen appliances, weekly. Being blind is hard enough. Your tech experience shouldn’t be! Listen to Blind Level Tech here. 

Navigating Life with Vision Loss

Former Podcast name Topic of the Month, same content! It is a weekly podcast that is all about giving a voice to the challenges facing people with blindness or vision loss. Hosted by AINC’s own Executive Director, we bring experts on to discuss topics like mental health, self advocacy, legal rights, and much more! Listen to Navigating Life with Vision Loss here. 

You can help us make a difference in lives of many Colorado residents by donating to AINC.

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