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Census, Accessibility, and COVID-19: What you need to know to Complete the Census Today. - Audio Information Network of Colorado

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Census, Accessibility, and COVID-19: What you need to know to Complete the Census Today.

People with disabilities make up 22% of the American public, but they remain largely under-counted in the US Census Bureau’s once-a-decade population count. The data informs how billions of dollars of federal funding is allocated to services, products, and support for you and your community.

On the most recent Community Conversations, we have the Census Outreach Coordinator for the Center for People with Disabilities, Craig Towler, joining us via Zoom Meeting. You may remember Craig Towler’s tragedy to triumph story on The Shift here on AINC, and we are so happy to have him back to talk about his involvement with the US Census, and what he wants all of you to know.

Contact Craig for general information, assistance, and accessibility resources at

Call the CPWD at: 303-442-8662

Self-Respond TODAY

To request braille, large print, or American Sign language forms, to respond by phone, or for additional assistance, call these toll-free numbers:

  • English: 844-330-2020
  • Spanish: 844-468-2020
  • Telephone Display Serivce: 844-467-2020


It has never been easier to respond to the 2020 Census on your own, whether online, by phone, or by mail. We encourage Coloradans to self-respond as soon as possible and make Colorado the state with the highest 2020 Census self-response rate in the nation! Go to or call 1-844-330-2020 and cross it off your TO-DO list today.

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  • The 2020 Census is a short questionnaire that asks about who lives in your household as of April 1, 2020.

  • The 2020 Census requires counting a diverse and growing population in the United States and the five U.S. territories.

  • The 2020 Census is important because it will determine the number of seats each state has in the U.S. House of Representatives, inform hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding, and provide data that will impact communities for the next decade.

  • Responding to the 2020 Census is safe and secure. Individual responses are confidential and protected by law.

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